Boreal Veterinary Centre

Emergency veterinarians treat everything from simple wounds and gastrointestinal problems to severe trauma, heart failure, respiratory emergencies, and complex endocrine disease. At Boreal Veterinary Centre our priority is to get your pet the care they need as quickly and safely as possible.

What Happens when I bring my pet to the ER?

Upon arrival to the Boreal ER department, your pet is assessed by a triage technologist. They will collect a brief history as well as measure vital parameters to assess the stability of your pet. Stable patients are seen in order of arrival while serious and critical patients must be seen more quickly to ensure they receive the best of care.

After your pet has had an examination with the ER doctor, they will present options for diagnostic workup or treatment, and collaborate with you to make a treatment plan that fits within your budget and goals. The ER department can complete diagnostics such as radiographs, point of care ultrasound, bloodwork, and urinalysis among a variety of other tests. ER clinicians can treat a multitude of problems and complete lifesaving procedures including surgery. The ER department can also hospitalize patients for a broad range of treatments. This might include anything from IV fluids and IV medications to lifesaving measures such as high flow nasal oxygen therapy and a various other treatments. We strive to provide the very best care to your pet in all circumstances. The ER also has the responsibility of coordinating between specialty services to get your pet the care they need as quickly as possible.

In addition to treating acute illness and injury, the ER also plays a crucial role in providing support and guidance to pet owners during times of crisis. We know this can be an extremely stressful time. First and foremost, we are here to help in your pet's time of need.