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What is a Veterinary Medical Oncologist?

A medical oncologist is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) who has undergone additional training to receive their credentials. This consists of completing a minimum of a one-year rotating internship and a three-year residency program, as well as publishing at least one oncology related paper and sitting qualifying and certifying examinations. There are currently less than 500 Board Certified Veterinary Medical Oncologists in the world and only three in all of Alberta.

The role of a veterinary oncologist is to diagnose and treat animals that have cancer. Veterinary oncologists treat pet cancer with many of the same methods used in people, including chemotherapy, immunotherapy, surgery, and radiation therapy.

When does my pet need a veterinary oncologist?

If your pet has been diagnosed with cancer, a veterinary oncologist's knowledge, training, and equipment can help you better understand your pet's disease and maximize quality and quantity of life. Veterinary oncologists are experienced in handling chemotherapy and minimizing the side effects.

A veterinary oncologist's work includes:

Our Board Certified Veterinary Oncologist

Dr. Jennifer Hay

Dr. Jennifer Hay, BSc, DVM, Diplomate ACVIM (Oncology)

Board Certified Veterinary Oncologist

Dr. Jennifer Hay completed her Bachelor of Science at the University of Alberta and received her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine. She then completed both a rotating and specialized oncology internship in a private practice in Calgary, Alberta followed by a residency in medical oncology at Kansas State University. After becoming board certified in 2022 Dr. Hay worked as an oncologist in a private practice in Maryland for a year prior to returning home to the Edmonton area.

While she enjoys all aspects of oncology, she is particularly interested in lymphoma treatment and ways to maintain the best quality of life for her chemotherapy patients. In her free time, Dr. Hay enjoys running, watching hockey, hiking and spending time with her partner and their Golden Retriever (Rise) and cat (Marta).